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Giving Back to the Community

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Soccer Team Project Background

The history behind these soccer teams project started far back in 2005 when the founder of 'Kili Backcountry Adventure' Mr 'Abdul' started climbing Mt Kilimanjaro as a porter. A year later together with his two friends decided to established a soccer team goes by the name 'WAPALIANDA FOOTBALL CLUB'. Then when Abdul and his young brother 'Hamad' established 'KILI BACKCOUNTRY ADVENTURE’ in 2015 they started supporting this soccer teams officially for soccer kits and more.

The aim is to use this soccer teams as one of our easy ways to give back to our society, also to keep these kids and youth busy so that they can focus on their carrier and dedicate most of their time in sports for training and matches because we know sports has a very good impact in any community, also keeping them busy will avoid them involve in dangerous mobs and practices, become thieves and robbers, use of drugs and etc

Project Vision

To see these young boys and girls healthy and successful in their dreamed career.

Project Mission

Mobilize various stakeholders and material resources to make sure these teams get all needed supports like soccer kits, foods, medical support, training, maintaining their play grounds etc.

Adult Soccer Team

Our adult soccer team has 27 soccer players in total.

These are 16+ years old adults some of them are in colleges and others are porters and few are peasants

Boys’ Soccer Team

Our school boys’ soccer team has 30 soccer player’s total

These are 12-16 years old school boys who are in primary and secondary schools

Girls’ soccer team

Our school girls soccer team has 30 soccer players total

These are 12-16 years old school girls who are in primary and secondary schools


All teams above are based in the village called 'Kahe' Moshi rural Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania.


All teams were established in 2006 and they are still active up to date

Required Facilities

  1. Grass pitch maintenance

  2. Balls

  3. Jerseys

  4. Shin guards,

  5. Goal equipment such as nets, poles,

  6. Soccer referee equipment,

  7. Football kit bag,

  8. Soccer training equipment, such as flags, cones, agility ladders, and slalom poles

  9. Stockings

  10. Track suits.

  11. Footwear


Adult team have successfully reached the third division league in Tanzania in 2019

It also within the top 20 best team in Kilimanjaro Region


The team lack a reliable coach and trainers who will enable them promoted to the higher league divisions.

Get Involved

Support and sponsorship of any kind is warmly invited to help the adult, young boys and girls’ teams grow and reach the vision of its establishment. Contact us to learn more.


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