Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures is an exciting tour operator located in Kahe Moshi rural Kilimanjaro, whose ulmost intention is to provide the kind of services that match your value for money. We are an experienced mountain climbing team that covers all major mountains in Tanzania. We also offer safaris from several national parks as well as cultural excursions – services that cover the East African countries.


Our local tour company is Tanzanian based in Kahe rural in Moshi region, run by Tanzanians, working with Tanzanians and give back to the people of Tanzania. We are a professional and very experienced company who has Guides,who are very intelligent and knowledgeable about the mountain. They are also excellent English language speakers and will support you to have a wonderful adventure with us in Tanzania. We are trusted and respected local tour company in Tanzania and the guests that have experienced our tours keep in contact with us regularly.


We are among the few operations in Tanzania who organise village tours and stays for anybody around the world. We can orgainse opportunitie for our our guests to stay within family homes in Kahe village Moshi rural Kilimanjaro region. Here people will explore the truly African life of our traditions, culture, economy, sports and food by staying with local people and sharing life experience.

Our pledge…

  • Provide the trip of your lifetime

  • Bring culture to your everyday life.

  • Exceed your expectations!

  • Care for you and your loved ones.

  • Design a trip to meet your needs.

  • Ensure your safety!

  • Make sure you love Tanzania just as much as you would love the local guides who in turn would be proud to share their love with you!


Our experienced Guides and staff understand that their knowledge, experience and skills have to be at the highest standard. We aim to provide the best and truly memorable experience you can have on Kilimanjaro and our staff are well trained and have a wealth of skills in order to do this.


Our Team Principles:


  • It is important to our company to keep and maintain good records of arranging successful trips for our guests in Tanzania.

  • We aim to fulfil the expectations of our guests.

  • Treating porters and all members of the team with equal rights and caring for each and evryone of them.

  • High quality customer care is our first priority.

  • Our guests will be treated with the upmost respect.

  • Our Guides will present facts and figures to our guests during their journey so they are able to develop their knowledge

  • Our Guides will have knowledge of Tanzanian attractions, culture, history and contemporary issues of a site.

  • The Team will have a practical knowledge of problem solving.

  • Our Guides are good and brilliant first aid performers who recognize symptoms of serious altitude sickness and are able organise an immediate descent, which is by far the best treatment, when necessary.

  • Our Team has excellent communication skills and can engage well with our guests.

  • The health and safety of our guests is the most important aspect of our climb.

  • Our Team understand that have to perform their jobs with care and accuracy..

  • The Team members are our company and country ambassadors, who needs to present well through our tourism.


As a local company we are comitted to our local villages. By choosing us it means you will play your part to improve lives of local people in Tanazania, because our company has a tradition of giving back to our community. Our company aims to help to improve lives of ordinary Tanzanian people by employing local Guides, Cooks, Drivers and Porters. By booking your Tanzanian trip with us you are helping us give jobs to them, giving then a better standard of living. We also have a commitment to paying our workers a fair wage which reflects their skills and abilities.


All of our Naturalists and Guides have spent lifetimes traversing the bush and national parks of Tanzania. With years studying the flora, fauna and wildlife in schools coupled with constant training and retraining, they know by instinct what it is you’re longing to see. Every wildlife safari is different; from a cheetah with cubs to a lion with a kill, you can be assured that our guides will do everything possible to capture every moment and make your safari the trip of a lifetime.
While we like to keep our groups small and personal, we can accommodate as many as you need. Our pricing ranges from budget camping safaris to true five-star luxury whether in lodging or in camping. Custom tailored safaris are available to everyone – from family groups with children to honeymooners and non-profit organizations.


Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures is delighted to be the supporter of many community projects. we are involved in many projects which directly helps with economy, healthy, sports, agriculture, livestock keeping, environments and education projects..












Our Commitment:

To leave our camp grounds as we found them. To treat all of our customers as we would like to be treated. To instantly solve any complaint or problem our clients may have. To garner our efforts and give back to the country of Tanzania, through our schools, help on issues regarding books, health, sports and conservation. To retain within Tanzania as much accruing benefit as possible hoping to help the economy of this special country.

We believe we have a unique safari company with an excellent reputation, offering more or less of what there is to see and do in the East African bush.


Due to the problem of unemployment in Tanzania our company has a commitment to give jobs to Tanzanian people such as our Guides, Drivers, Cooks and Porters on each trip we are organising.

We are among few local tour companies in Tanzania who pay fair and better wages to our workers as we respect what they are doing for the company and of course we know that they also have responsibilities and need to work.


Right now we are  supporting football to the youth of Kahe village in Kilimanjaro region Tanzania and we are running a small local football club called Young Boys FC, as we all know how important sport is to children and young people. After training sessions we offer good health advice to our young people. We are also able to help the disabled children in Kahe village Kilimanjaro region by giving them wheel chairs, balanced diets as well as good medications. 

Kilimanjaro Backcountry Adventures aims to bring lots of help to our Tanzanian community as our company expand.

Customer service is our number one priority: